Tennengau+Card & SalzburgerLand Card

With the TennengauPLUS-Card and the SalzburgerLand Card, holidays are even more fun!


An unforgettable vacation needs to be full of unforgettable experiences. The TennengauPLUS Card is your key to numerous all-inclusives and discounts in the Tennengau Region.
Arrive and take a deep breath. Your first holiday moments in Tennengau. And right after you have been given a warm welcome by your hosts, you will be issued your free TennengauPLUS Card. It is valid until the day you depart. With it tucked away in your wallet, you will benefit from numerous extras that make your Tennengau vacation more attractive still.

Highlights included with the TennengauPLUS-Card

  • FREE Ticket for public transportation
  • Discounted admission to the top- sightseeing-attractions in Tennengau & surroundings
  • Bonus services through partner businesses in the region
  • special extras in all 14 Tennengau communities

Whether discounted rides on horse-drawn carriages, discounted admission prices for museums or free rides on natural sledding hills – the TennengauPLUS Card includes numerous highlights certain to appeal to young and old. Which will make your Tennengau getaway, not just affordable, but also incredibly beautiful.

You will receive the card free of charge upon arrival at your accommodations, after which it remains valid for the full length of your stay.
In our TennengauPLUS Card folder, you will find a complete overview of all of the included discounts and services.

SalzburgerLand Card

With the  SalzburgerLand Card, in addition to the benefits included with the TennengauPLUS-Card, you will also be able to take advantage of free admission and discounts in- and outside the Tennengau Region. 190 attractions in total guarantee you an inexpensive all-weather program from 1 May until 26 October. The SalzburgerLand Card can be obtained at almost all Tennengau tourist offices as well as online.

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