Horse-drawn carriage ride in Abtenau

Out and about in nature with two horsepower

Take a break from everyday life: let the horse-drawn carriage drive you through the magical landscape in the Lammertal - a leisurely excursion of a special kind.
From the horse-drawn carriage, Abtenau shows itself from a completely different perspective. At a leisurely pace of two horsepower there is plenty of time to fully enjoy the surroundings. Feel the wind in your hair, listen to the steady gait of the horses and look at pure nature, far away from the noisy everyday life.

Romantic tip: Horse-drawn carriage rides in the evening create a particularly cozy atmosphere!

Provider of a horse-drawn carriage ride in Abtenau

  • Board Schiemhof -Werner Lanner Tel. +43 6243 2435 or +43 664 9676220, Robert Lanner Tel. +43 664 75101166
  • inn Ledererwirt – Peter Galler Tel. +43 664 4313721

The coachmen have an open ear for special requests from the guests.
Whether it's a stop at a cozy inn, a delicious Tatar hat meal or a fresh trout at the Wandalm snack bar, all you have to do is contact the Fiaker! A horse-drawn carriage ride takes about 2 hours in total.


TIPP: With the Tennengau+ Card you get a discount for the carriage ride.