Ski and Snowboard School in the Abtenau Holiday Region

Professional introduction to this alpine winter sport in Austria

Whether on two boards or one – learn the ropes playfully, fast, safe and uncomplicated.

Ski School & Snowboard School Abtenau in Salzburg’s Dachstein West

The Ski School & Snowboard School Abtenau from Martin Strunge-Erb along with their team – formed from highly trained and certified ski instructors – ensures that both young and old take quickly to the sport whether alpine skiing or snowboarding and whether on the slopes or out in the pastures. Above all, one thing reigns supreme: you have to have fun! In order to learn quickly, master new techniques particularly well or overcome technical errors, one-on-one lessons match you with the perfect instructor!

Hit for Kids!

When learning a new winter sport, the magic carpet and the ski carousel are a great help. And during breaks, all will have the opportunity to try the latest in snow fun equipment. At the end of your course, enjoy a race against fellow students and have the chance to earn a medal!

Ski School Abtenau

group and private lessons
Martin Strunge-Erb
phone: +43 660 57 57 570

SkiCoach Abtenau

private lessons
Helmut Lindenthaler
phone: +43 664 750 103 34

Postalm Karkogl