Ski Rental in Abtenau-Dachstein West

Without baggage to Abtenau – but with the latest equipment in the snow.

Those who want rent the best materials and the latest fashion styles are in good hands at the sport shops Abtenau. All skis and boards are well maintained, freshly waxed and polished with best edges. All this makes for a pleasant and safe driving experience.

Intersport Schwaighofer Abtenau

Markt 114
5441 Abtenau
Tel. +43 6243 3192
Rental of Ski, Cross-Country and Snowboard equipment, Snowshoes and more.

WM Sport 2000 Abtenau

Markt 113
5441 Abtenau
Tel. +43 6243 3644
Rental of ski equipment, snowboarding equipment, natural toboggan, cross country ski equipment, ski touring equipment, snowshoes and various fun equipment.

Outdoor Unlimited Abtenau - Karkogel

Rental of family toboggan up to fast sports sledding, snowshoeing and various fun equipment such as the Kufenbockerl.

Outdoor Consulting Team Abtenau - Karkogel

Rental of winter fun equipment such as Airboard, Winterbockerl, Snowcart, snow biking and snowshoeing.

Sport Girbl - Postalm

Ski Rental and Skidepot in the Postalm Arena. Tel. +43(0)6137 6095 oder Rental of Ski, Snowboard and Cross-Country Equipment.

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