And … Action! Winter Sports in Abtenau, Austria

Fun on the slopes on snow bikes, ski bockerl and airboards

snowbike-2Is downhill skiing too tame for you? Is snowboarding too boring? Is cross-country skiing a thing of the past? In Abtenau, you’ll find plenty of action-packed alternatives to traditional winter sports. Take on the slopes of Abtenau’s ski resorts on a snow bike, ski bockerl or airboard instead! Try something new on your next winter holiday in Austria!

Snow bikes and ski bockerl: fun new ways to ride the slopes in

Ski bob reloaded: can you still remember the good old ski bobs? These sporty rides are making a comeback as modern snow bikes! Snow bikes have a seat just like a normal bicycle, as well as a low centre of gravity, making it possible to go quite fast without tipping over easily. These mini-ski machines allow adrenaline seekers of all ages to experience an excellent carving feeling. Ski bockerl, on the other hand, are more similar to sledges. Simply use your feet to steer. This speedy downhill fun really works your stomach muscles – especially when you find yourself laughing quite hard from all the fun you’re having!

Crossblades AbtenauCrossblade off-piste tour

New way of snowshoeing with sliding and gliding into the valley. Change from walking to sliding mode without removing the crossblades. Perfect for winter hiking over hills and fields.
The Outdoor Consulting Team introduces you to the new world of snowshoeing!

Winter fun in Tennengau: slide down the slopes on an airboard

Airboards are inflatable sledges with one difference to a traditional sledge: on an airboard, you head down the slope head-first. Riders can steer these incredibly fast boards by shifting their weight and can brake by simply turning 90°. The airboard smooths out unevenness on the slopes giving riders the unique feeling that they are flying over the snow!

Fun winter sports in Abtenau: these sports rock! Find the perfect accommodation in Abtenau for your next winter holiday in Austria!

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