Horse-Drawn Carriage Rides in the Austrian Alps

Romantic carriage rides through a winder wonderland in Abtenau, Austria


Horse-drawn carriage rides in the Salzburg Alps sourrounding Abtenau

A carriage ride through the wintry Abtenau holiday region is an especially romantic treat both during the day in the warm sunshine or in the evening under the stars. Lean back against the cushioned bench in the carriage and be enchanted by the peaceful, snowy landscape of the Tennengau region of Salzburg. This is a great way to comfortably experience Abtenau. An evening horse-drawn carriage ride is perfect for a romantic date with your special someone.

A romantic horse-drawn sleigh rides can be booked from the following providers:

  • Pension Schiemhof | Werner Lanner | Tel. +43(0)6243 2435 oder +43(0)664 9676220
  • Gasthof Ledererwirt | Peter Galler | Tel. +43(0)6243 2269
  • Krötzhof | Johann Reschreiter | Tel. +43(0)6243 2947

Overall, a sleigh ride takes about 2 hours.

The carriage drivers are happy to meet guests’ requests. Just let them know if you’d like to stop by your favourite restaurant, enjoy a schnapps tasting at the Fliehof or stop by a rustic alpine chalet for a hearty snack!

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