Out & About: Backcountry Skiing in Abtenau, Austria

Route suggestions, guided ski tours and sensational views while backcountry skiing in the Alps


The combination of skiing and hiking in pristine deep snow is becoming more and more popular. In Abtenau, a backcountry ski region in the Tennen Mountains, you can discover great ski tours of varying difficulty. The Gosau and Osterhorn mountains, the Dachstein massif, as well as the Tennen Mountains fascinate beginners, advanced and backcountry pros with diverse routes and one-of-a-kind views of the area’s mountains and valleys.

On your own or with a mountain guide: ski touring in Austria

Only skiers who can ski very well, have experience in deep snow and great physical fitness should go backcountry skiing in Austria without professional ski or mountain guidance. It goes without saying that proper equipment is a must when it comes to ski touring in the Alps. You can hire backcountry ski equipment at the ski hire centre in Abtenau. Guided ski tours can be booked in Abtenau. All the information you need about the Abtenau ski touring region, as well as route suggestions, can be found at the tourism office.

Take the free ski bus to the starting point of your ski tour in the Alps

Ski buses throughout the entire Dachstein West ski association will bring you right to the start of your ski tour for free. This way you can enjoy your day of winter sports in Abtenau from the very first minute! Step by step, you’ll ascend across open country, through forests and up the tranquil mountains. Often, your heartbeat and breath are the only sounds you’ll hear. Stop by one of the rustic ski huts along the way and treat yourself to a delicious meal after the long ascent. Only one thing is important as you descend: having fun in the great powder snow!

Of course safety is also very important to us. Find out more carefully about weather and avalanche safety. Current information and snow reports, click here.

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