Fun Summer Sports in Abtenau: Rafting, Tubing and Hydrospeed

Action-packed water sports holidays for athletes 12 and older

Conquer wild waters in canyons, ride the waves and take on an adventure in one of earth’s main elements. The Lammer in Abtenau is an interesting river which, depending on the water level, offers plenty of different surprises. Professional, experienced outdoor guides make sure that all explorers, young and old, safely overcome all the challenges they face when rafting, tubing, canyoning and more in Abtenau!

Fun in the water in Abtenau: water sports activities on the Lammer and Salzach rivers

  • Rafting in Salzburg on the Lammer river or, when the water level is low, on the Salzach river is a great adventure for teens 14 and older (12 and older when accompanied by adult). With an experienced guide, you will take on both calm and challenging passages and even master real rapids. A rafting tour in Abtenau takes about 3-4 hours. The best months for rafting in Salzburg are May and June; rafting in summer always depends on rainfall.
  • Tubing: a fun alternative to rafting when the water level is low. For about 3-4 hours and accompanied by a guide, kids 12 and older (10 and older when accompanied by adult) can hop on an inflatable tube and drift through still water and small rapids.
  • Experience the pulse of the river with hydrospeed! Hydrospeed, also known as riverboarding or white-water sledging, is a sporty version of a good old fashioned kickboard. This activity takes about 3-4 hours and is great for all adrenaline junkies aged 14 and older (12 and older when accompanied by adult). The best time for hydrospeeding is May, June and in summer after rainfall.

Even more water sports activities in Abtenau: kayaking, rafting, canyoning

The mountains and rivers in Salzburger Land provide the setting for many fun water sports activities in Abtenau. Take on the Lammer or Salzach river in a kayak or on a raft and go on a cayoning expedition in one of the area’s gorges or canyons!

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