Hit the Trail in Abtenau

Jogging trails to discover and enjoy in Tennengau

Abtenau´s running trails – from 5 – 12.5 km

The starting point of each running trail is the east car park (“Parkplatz Ost”).

Beginners will love the 5-kilometre-long trail. Head towards the forestry commission or towards Fischbach. This meadow running trail briefly gets steep by Fischbach-Egg. Soon after comes the first turn – marked in green – and from here the trail continues about 2km back to the car park.

Another running trail with a total length of 7km goes to Fischbach and towards Fischbach-Egg but don’t turn just yet; rather, continue on the trail around the Scheffenbichlkogel (a small hill) to the Fliehof alpine chalet. Marked as a blue trail, it continues about 2km back to the start.

Those who want to keep running a few more kilometres can run around Egelsee lake. Go past the Egelsee farm and after that turn left on the pink trail towards the centre of the village (9km).

Fit runners can keep running to the Kainhofbauern farm. From there, the trail heads downhill to the A-road and back to Abtenau over the Karkogel valley station and ends at the east car park. This trail covers a total of 12.5km.

Weitere Routen und Touren auch für Laufbegeisterte und Nordic Walker finden Sie auf unserer interaktiven Wander- und Tourenkarte.

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