There’s Nothing Like a Ride on a Segway, Mountain Scooter or Ski Bockerl

Have an adventurous holiday in Salzburg full of fun outdoor activities in Abtenau

An unforgettable experience awaits fans of fun sports on a holiday in Austria

Abtenau is not just a paradise for hikers and mountain bikers; it is also a great place for adventurous fans of fun outdoor activities. Those who prefer something exciting on a family adventure holiday in Austria should try a ride on a monster roller, skyver or ski bockerl. Head to the top of the mountain with the Karkogel ski lift in Abtenau. The Karkogel mountain offers the best routes for trying the newest fun sports equipment. Test your own limits with experienced outdoor guides.

Discover Abtenau by Segway

Head into the great outdoors and roll through Abtenau on an eco-friendly Segway. The Segway is an emission-free electric scooter which is balanced and steered using modern technology. Each tour begins with a short introduction to get you familiar with the Segway – after all, you should feel safe and sound on your ride through Abtenau. This tour lasts one hour and is appropriate for adults, as well as children 12 years and older with adult supervision.

Mountain carts, mountain scooters, monster rollers, Xraycers, skyvers and bike boards

Looking for a little action on your summer holiday in Austria? With outdoor guides in Abtenau, you will surely be in good hands. Grab a mountain cart, mountain scooter, monster roller, skyver or bike board and head up to the mountain station of the Karkogel cable car. From there, you will have excellent views of Abtenau in beautiful Salzburger Land. After a short introduction, you’ll head down a 3.2-kilometre-long forest trail down into the valley. Riders control the speed themselves. If you’d like to go a little slower, simply brake and enjoy the ride at your own pace.

Ride a bockerl in Abtenau

Are you interested in a different way to take a trip down the mountain? Try out a bockerl on your holiday in Austria. Hop on this three-wheeled scooter and hit the 3.2-kilometre-long forest trail on the Karkogel mountain. This is the ultimate downhill experience for your family adventure holiday in Salzburg. Grab your helmet, gloves and bockerl and take the Karkogel cable car up to the mountain station. From there, you will enjoy lovely views of Abtenau before you hit the trail. Fun is guaranteed on this 3kg scooter with steering rod and braking system.

Climbing for young and old in Abtenau: high- and low-ropes courses & tours of the Trickl cave

Swing between different high-ropes stations in Abtenau’s pristine natural environment – complete with lots of fun and adrenaline! Young climbers will enjoy the low-ropes course at the valley station of the Abtenau cable car.

Are you interested in exploring the Trickl cave? With a guide from the Outdoor Consulting Team, you can!

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