See Abtenau and the Tennengau Region on an E-Bike

Biking in the Alps with a little electric help

Picture this: your partner is cycling way ahead of you, easily making his or her way up the mountain while you gasp for air far behind. Sound familiar? Hop on an e-bike in Salzburg and you’ll have no trouble keeping up while biking in the Alps. No one has to slow down and even not-so-fit cyclists can have tons of fun on a bike ride in Abtenau. Take on cycling and mountain biking trails around Abtenau, bike to events like Abtenau’s harvest festivals or enjoy a leisurely trip to an alpine chalet with your kids.

An e-bike is equipped with a very quiet electric motor which boosts your own pedalling power. With minimal effort, you can reach a speed of up to 25km/h! The battery lasts for 40 – 60 km and then you can simply recharge. Hire an e-bike from the bike hire right here in Abtenau. Plus, many hotels and accommodation providers in Salzburger Land offer e-bikes for their guests.

E-bike-tours in Abtenau, the Lammertal Valley and SalzburgerLand

Start your e-bike tour right here in Abtenau. Choose from many well-marked cycling trails, many in combination with GPS navigation. Bike on asphalt or gravel, through the woods or a meadow – enjoy the beautiful views of mountains and valleys while biking in the Alps. Where would you like to start? Perhaps a romantic trip through the valley or a challenging mountain tour? No matter what kind of trail you choose, you can always rely on your powerful e-bike in Salzburg!

E-Bike Folder for Download

Here you can download the E-Bike Folder.

E-Bike rental

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