Easy cancellation

Cancel your vacation flexibly at selected companies!

Free cancellation up to 7 days before arrival ...

Special times require flexible measures. Therefore, some landlords in Abtenau have decided to offer the following extraordinary cancellation conditions:

EasyStorno (c) feratel


  • 0% cancellation up to 7 days before arrival
  • 40% cancellation up to the day before arrival
  • 90% cancellation on the day of arrival (in the case of non-arrival, late arrival and shortened stay)
  • Down payment (depending on the company 0 - 30%)

With these cancellation conditions you can look forward to your holiday in Abtenau and, depending on the situation, decide 1 week before your holiday whether it is possible.
Alternatively, you can get a Arrange to rebook at a later date. You will definitely come to an agreement with the accommodation!

These cancellation guidelines are valid until further notice!

All participating Accomodation are marked with a green tick.


Stay healthy and see you soon with us in Abtenau!