Bauernherbst in Salzburger Land

Since time immemorial, we connect the fall harvest time! Also nowadays our region like to celebrate the harvest and the customs, traditions and rural arts with various events at the time of the Harvest Festival.

Harvest Fesitval in Abtenau

The official county opening festival will take place on Sunday 26th August, 2018 in Abtenau. Visitors can expect on this weekend a colourful programme of traditional music, a big harvest festival parade, a farmers market, herb stands as well as customs and handicrafts shows.

In addition to the many offerings such as cheese tasting on the alpine cheese dairy or Culinary Hiking tour with Schnaps tasting, the highlight of the colorful Harvest time is the Lammertaler HeuARTfestival.
The World’s Largest hay figures parade inspire people for more then fourteen years and numerous visitors come from all over Europe.
Oversized hay figures, which are designed in weeks of work, presented to the public in the form of a procession. The basic idea of earthiness, nature, regionality and art of hay are the centerpieces of HeuART. The coming HeuART festival takes place from 31st of August to 02nd of September 2018 in St. Martin at the TennenMountains.

The large number of events in the SalzburgerLand brings great variety to your personal Harvest Festival.

Postalm Karkogl