Christmastime in the Austrian Alps near Abtenau

The Advent season in Abtenau

Advent in Abtenau

The event “It’s Advent Once Again” signals the start of the Christmas season. St Nicholas and his helpers the “Krampusse” pay a visit to the Abtenau town square on 5 December. Beautiful wooden stalls at the Christmas markets feature crafts, pottery and local Christmas specialties. Be sure to check out the nativity sets made by local artists, as well as a life-sized hay sculpture nativity scene. Angels at the “Christkindl post office” help children write their Christmas wish list. The letters are then sealed and sent to the Christkindl who delivers gifts to good boys and girls on 24 December. The Abtenau brass band provide lovely musical accompaniment. Along the town square, horse-drawn carriages wait for passengers who want to take a lovely ride through the winter wonderland.

A real highlight of Christmas in Austria is the ABTENAU JAGA ADVENT, a Christmas concert in the Abtenau parish church. Listen as choirs and folk musicians present their Christmas symphony in the heart of the Austrian Alps. This is a true festival for all the senses: the beautifully decorated church, the unmistakable scent of incense and Christmas songs performed by various musicians.

Get into the Christmas spirit and enjoy a magical winter holiday in Austria!

farmers Christmas market:

Samstag, 12th of December 2015

Abtenau christmas market:

Saturday, 19th December 2015
Sunday, 20st December 2015

Abtenau Christmas Concert:

Sunday, 20st December 2015

Opening hours: 01.00 pm to 07.00 pm
Advent and Tradition in Abtenau in Salzburger Land


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